Brother Trucker

Big Jeff, Bowling, Apes and Cafes

Home from Lake View, Iowa about a minute ago. Played Friday and Saturday with Mike Fitzpatrick. After getting chased off the Stone Pier by the rain... Ended up at Laney's Tavern a few blocks away. No Jameson. This was a (most likely) good thing. Lots of PBR... again... a good thing. A few familiar faces from Pomeroy, Iowa were in the house. Including - none other than - the Govenor of Pomeroy, Iowa - Byron Stuart of Byron's *duh.

Made some new friends as well. Something about Northwest Iowa... they're music listeners. Nothing much better in my book. When a (tavern!) audience gives in to a sound or a word and we all share in the intention of the moment. We hope to see some of our new friends at a show soon.

After spending the morning working on some new BT songs in our very cool and clean hotel suite (thanks Tom B!). Mike and I still had a good part of the day NOT to spend in a bar before our gig at The Trappers Inn. So what are two Davenport, Iowa West-Enders to do? We Bowled. Badly. Very Badly. We found an 8 lane beauty in Sac City, Iowa. The only thing new about this place were our shoes. Mike and I managed to bowl two of our personal best games ever. Thanks to Black Beauty and Don our respective rental balls. A couple games and coffees later... we still had 4 hours to knock out. Such is the reason Mike and I attended our first movie in a theater together in about 20 years. Rise of The Planet of the Apes.

We made our second visit since lunch at Deb's Corner Cafe... where they sell an assortment of pies. I mention this not because we in fact had pie but... even as I attempt to relate this.... I'm overcome with bile and the sensation of my tounge going numb... but I believe I correctly read on a wet/dry board FILLED with various pies... a Sour Cream and Rasin Pie. At least that's what I believe I read. Thanks again to Tom Bolan - his lovely wife Kara and all the nice people in Lake View, Iowa.

This blog update ends on personal sad note to the guys in BT. Many years ago, back in the very early days of Brother Trucker, our first drummer and dear friend John Conlan introduced us to his best buddy Big Jeff Adams. Some folks called him Meat. He was a big dude for sure. He had a pierced septum and the look of a big bad ass bull that could crush you if he wanted. I remember his voice as I type this - a honey sweet, Iowa twang - kinda nasal. What I remember most was his kindness. My brother Gino mentioned the first time he met Big Jeff - he made a comment about the intricate hemp necklace he was wearing. The next gig he saw Jeff at - he was met with a trade mark Big Hug and his own necklace wove by Jeff.

As cliche as it sounds ... We we're just talking about Jeff. It was a passing remark that referenced him - I think it was something Lyle Hogue said... whatever it was - started a sharing of stories about him - his Big Hugs, His kind nature, the fact he worked hard his whole life. Keep a kind thought and or prayer in your heart for Jeff's family.

Thanks For Reading.

Red Beans and Ricefully Yours.

Andy/Brother Trucker

*duh - if you don't know about Byron's ya should!


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