Brother Trucker

Brother Trucker / July 2011

July kicked off with our 2nd appearance at the 80/35 Festival. Mother Nature was in full sweaty-arm embrace. It felt like Summer. Something I'm bound to repeat in this blog - the full force of Iowa's July heat index beats the ever-living-shit out of electric and acoustic instruments alike. Despite the conditions I have to say that something "happened" while we logged Brother Trucker songs (old and new)  through the full brunt of weather that's optimum for growing 12 ft corn stalks.

I've only heard of the term runner's high... that zen-like state of euphoria a persons body achieves from breaking though the peak of maximum physical exertion. One could rightly assume for a member of Brother Trucker - athletically speaking - this could be achieved by say,  returning a grocery cart. Why do Scandanavians melt their muscles in saunas? I get this now. There is something seriously soothing about locking in with Jim and Lyle's pocket when the gears shift and Mike and Matt take things farther. It creates it's own breeze.

Brother Trucker returned to our roots this past weekend. Rock Island, Illinois. Rozz-Toxx - a 'NNerestin' venue (as Neil Young would say). -- Art comes first - Mike would tell you that the house coffee is actually first (some of the best he's ever tasted). I thought the room had the perfect vibe to catch a young Bob Dylan with just his acoustic and harmonica in say 1966. - Any place that serves Boetje's Mustard is gourmet however. "Boetje's! Cuz We Love It!*

Sugar Grove Winery in Newton closed the month. Very nicely. I was doing my "Diana Ross/Cher thing" (as Lyle Kevin Hogue has added to the BT vocabulary...) changing my sweat-soaked shirt for next set.... (a - ya,  that stuff above about the zen heat and yadda-yadda- is all BS. -- something about Jameson and Garlic says to mosquitoes "Come and Get IT!") --  So - I'm soggying off to get a shirt and this young fella comes up to me and says "Hey - it's real nice to hear some storytelling in music these days"...  He went on to elaborate about his thoughts on the music scene in general.

Ever since Mike and I started performing songs in front of audiences I've always looked for "that one guy got what we do tonight"... Mike and I have found our friends (cause "fans" seems like a silly word) of Brother Trucker "one person" at a time... I'm really looking forward to seeing this kid at future shows... and no bullshit - if you - the person reading this - is that "one person" - who got what we do on any giving night... we love you... and thanks.

See ya next Month Friends.

Big Love - your buddies in BT.

PS Thank You To the West High Falcons Class of '86 and of course the Fleming-Wiegand Chateau and Fried Chicken Emporium.


*by Gino Fleming

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