Brother Trucker

Brother Trucker - June Showers

BT - with our buddy Matt Jesson back from his Iceland vacation on keys. Played at the Jasper Winery on Thursday Night. - We were able to play until around 8 pm. before the saucer sized raindrops began. Most of the gear made it in doors before the rain went side ways. Special thanks to Jenni Rae Snodgrass, Bryan & Pat, Sallie - and everyone who grabbed a cord or case. THANK YOU!! And BIG THANKS to Cathy and Kelly - (hope I got that right) - the two very nice Ladies who towled off our soaked gear as we brought it inside! Some of the very nicest people I've met in my life have been at Brother Trucker shows. fact.

Adel's Penoach Winery had us a little gun-shy about the outdoor setup under the dark clouds... I think it spooked some of the crowd. But not a drop. It felt good to get the full night of music in-  with the Full Trucker in effect. We're outside next week Friday and Saturday.

Surprises/observations randomly noticed blog style.

A. First ever Magic Bus by The Who played right before the rain-as  extended introduction of the song Billy.

B. 3rd gig I've ran the battery on my mini-van down.

3. I proudly drive a mini-van.

D. Brother Trucker has a summer internship program.

E. My throat is still somewhere between Bonnie Tyler and Rod Stewart with a dash of Nick Nolte.

F. Jim Viner slips a hint of cowbell in the song St. Jude and it ='s people dancing.

G. No matter the venue - the mention of Rob Borsilino's name evokes applause.

H. Brother Trucker (minus Matt) was "interviewed" for 80/35... my guess is that due to our overall inchohearence in answers and extreem lack of fashion - it'll never be webcast. Just a hunch.

J. Oldest Bt song played at the last two shows Pleasure & Pain... Most recently written song performed "I Thought I Knew Ya"

K. Children love dancing to live music - adults are at their most innocent when dancing. albeit drunk.

L.  Bo Diddely and Slim Harpo via the Rolling Stones in a cornfield is my happy sound.

M. Jim Viner observed a nick-name with a military rank and alcoholic beverage "Col. Jager" has a certain ring .

Yers always, Andy 


You can't have it! Not to be confused with the Magic Bus in Iowa City, right!

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