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BrotherTrucker 5/16/11

Welcome to the Brother Trucker Blog.

My name is Andy and I'll be blah-blah-blah-ing at you for the next several run on sentences. The Quick N Dirty version of the events that led to BT as we are today. Two life long buddies (Mike & Me)... dug the Beatles and the Stones... played as an acoustic duo... Met bassist and fellow music Freak - Lyle Kevin Hogue... recorded several (3) albums for Trailer Records...after our 4th self-released...(The Flyover)...added keyboardist/vocals Matt Jesson and landed Ace Drummer, Jim Viner. Quick N Dirty.

We've been releasing our recorded efforts since 2000. We first used the name Brother Trucker as an acoustic duo at a bar in  our hometown -Davenport, Iowa (The Washington Union Tap) in 1990. We played our first open Mic at Java Joes in Des Moines under the name TLC (Taste Like Chicken)...1994.

We've always been bad at naming bands.

Tim Flanagan and Tom Brinkleson - (Flanagans Lounge and Hamilton's Executive Lounge) were the first two establishments to give Brother Trucker a "stage" to thicken our skin and hone our craft... did I mention Jameson's Irish Whiskey? Brother Trucker carved out a loyal local following at these two venues... Julio's and Club 308 completed our circut in the 1990's of - waaay overplaying our zipcode.

I think I have managed to change tenses - at least 3 times in this first ever blog attempt. With the number of educators in the extended Brother Trucker Family... I'm going to call this a ramble before He starts talking about himself in 3rd person like he's known to do.

Thanks for reading. More to come.

Yer ol Buddy Anj.

andy fleming/brother trucker




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Nice ramble. No educators' judging here. :)
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