Brother Trucker

From a Scream to A Whisper... wait..

It's usually March when this happens. For those in attendance Weds and last Saturday Night.... I honestly don't normally croak like a bullfrog when trying to hit the note/key of C - but niether show last week would be evidence to the contrary. I'm at a whisper currently and most likely will be until our shows next week.  I'm very open to any suggestions on home throat cures... with the unfortunate hitch of being alergic to Tea.

I've done the Dave Zollo cure for years... honey, baking soda and salt in equal parts - gargled warm. The Mike Fitzpatrick cure of Jameson should only be used for bad moods and celebrations. If I can manage to keep my big mouth shut for the next few days ... well, anyways... any arm chair E,N and Throat doc's out there with a suggestion for you're old pard anj... will be greatly appreciated and attempted. Jennie Rae Snodgrass's throat blessings/vibes worked wonders at El bait.

Highlights from the past two shows for me - The hometown applause for Lyle Kevin Houge in Ankeny. Mike Fitzpatrick's guitar solo on the newish song Night Of My Life and Jim Viner's Live version of Badlands arrangement on the song Downtown... most of all - my two daughters (and beautiful wife) dancing on stage (minus the beautiful wife) with Brother Trucker on Saturday Night... Sophia and Bella.

Life is Good. Live Is Better. Thanks for your support - always. Anj


Water & Sleep my friend....

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