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Smokin' In Valley Junction - The Astronaut Setlist

It didn't rain!! However my clothes are still saturated from last night as this is typed... Mike Fitzpatrick composed most of this setlist... he dubbed it The Astronaut Set -  due to it's length and lack of Porto-John breaks for the band. --   The close of the night (looking back now) is very Stones Heavy... with our own Charlie Watts on the kit it's never a bad thing... especially when your strumming shoulder isn't as mindful of things like The Pocket - God Bless Ya Jimmy Viner.  We we're without our very talented Brother Trucker Matt Jesson on Keys this night - he's in Iceland with his lovely Cassie. -- We're a little more in touch with our Crazy Horse Love...  we'll be a four peice at El Bait this Weds. Night... Hope you can make it down. (200 SW 2nd Des Moines)

Faithfully Reported - Andy Fleming/Brother Trucker 5/30/2011

set 1

Pleasure & Pain
Mind Your Own Business  - (Hank Williams Sr)
Who Called The Cops?
Crackin Up - (Bo Diddly)
Rent is due
Bobby (Happy Memorial Day)
St. Jude (With Love for Rob Borselino)
Too Loose
Wild Things - (Gurf Morlix)
Wounded Dog - (Bo Ramsey)
New Day/Old Town
Bump In the Road
Joy - (Lucinda Williams)
Well Enough Alone (aka Panama)
Sometimes Your Best
Pretty Girls Always Get Me Down
Friday Night Fight 
Folsom Prison Blues / I've Got Stripes - (Johnny Cash)
Break – 20 Minutes
Valley Junction – Set 2
Move It On Over - (Hank Williams Sr)
Bar fight
Hipshake - (Slim Harpo)
Parnell - (Dave Zollo)
Night Of My Life
Forever For Now
Flat Horizon/Play It All Night Long (*Warren Zevon)
Something Big
Bought and Sold
Harold’s Barber & Beauty
Let It Bleed (Rolling Stones)
The Penderbecks
Who Do Ya Love? (Bo Diddly)
Bertha (The Grateful Dead)
Live With Me (The Rolling Stones)
I Thought I Knew You
Dead Flowers (The Rolling Stones)
Home Cookin'
They Took Off
All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan)

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