Brother Trucker

Thank You Springton!

Brother Trucker made it through the other side. Valley Junction Farmers Market - 111 degree heat index... brutal. I don't think I've ever played music for that long (3 sets)  in that kind of heat. I felt pretty good about our general effort  - that is, until I saw Dennis and Nancy... who to my recollection - NEVER miss a BT show... cutting a rug - like they do - full tilt.

80/35 was swealtering for some - but honestly - we were all so cooked from the Thursday before - it didn't effect the band a bit.  The short version of our particiapation in the 2011 80/35 fest is full of gratitude for being invited. I'd venture to say Des Moines/Central Iowa music as a scene is energized and self-aware. I'm excited and hopeful for the future. Congrats to those who put their skin in the game.

Summer is half way through - hope it's going great for you. Hope to see you at show soon!

Best - andy


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