Brother Trucker

The H was O.

Brother Trucker has been invited to play all 3 Rendesvous on the River... The first was rained out...The second was rained in (indoor location) -- and the 3rd was beautiful... Provided you weren't facing the setting sun for 4 hours... we were... Some Brother Trucker observations... Lyle Kevin Hogues comment regarding my multiple T-shirt changes... "hold up, we have to wait for Cher"... Mike Fitzpatrick beat the heat... going rolled up - said it worked. -- Lyle Kevin Hogue comment two regarding my red bandanna and shades... "Hey Willie - make sure you're drinking that gatorade". There is something very satisfying about letting it all out for 4 hours in the blazing heat.... I think we got to that marathon runners high.

Night 2 - The All Iowa Wine Fest... dark skies and rain the whole way to Adel... the lone spot of blue sky hoverd directly above the fest - and continued to spread out from there for the remainder of the day/night. Just about a perfect Iowa Night... excellent crowd... food & wine. (a bar with Jameson across the street from the fest - I knew where to look for bass players and keyboardist on breaks). Iowa Wine growers are artist in their own right. They've allowed music (Iowa Music) to be part of their equation and it's very appreciated.

Came home from Adel to read on the web that Clarence Clemmons died due to complications from a massive stroke. My first double-record purchase - when I was 13 (I think) - was The River. The sound of The Big Man's Sax was the sound of The Party... on Meeting Across the River (from Born To Run) his horn was the embodiment of cinimatic scope of John Houston. There will never be another Clarence Clemmons. Thanks for all that music.

This week - Brother Trucker has a very special Friday Night in store... Perry, Iowa. - Opening for one of my favorite Iowa songwriters and friend - David Zollo ( & the Body Electric)...Perry on the Plaza...immediately following - BroTro will be loading into the *inFamous Rockin' Horse Tavern. We haven't played the Tavern in a few years - but I can honestly say ... the mere mention of the Rockin' Horse brings a smile to our collective Trucker Faces.

Here's hoping your summer is off to a great start... 80/35 fest is just around the corner!

Keep on Rockin'...

Anj, BT.


Lyle is hilarious! And glad to read that he is pushing the Gatorade on you- I hope future audience members follow his lead: Gatorade is Andy's favorite beverage during gigs.

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